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Testing: How Much Is Too Much? "In some places, tests — and preparation for them — are dominating the calendar and culture of schools and causing undue stress for students and educators." The quote comes not from an angry parent or firebrand school leader but from Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Of course, he's the guy currently in charge of a big chunk of those tests: the No Child Left Behind requirement of annual standardized testing in grades 3-8, plus once during grades 10-12.
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20 Teacher-approved Apps You’ve Got to Try For lesson planning, communicating with special-needs students, creating polished presentations and more, here are NEA members’ favorite mobile apps. Read More
2014 Election Wrap Up Video Wrapping up the election with Andy Ford and Joanne McCall: Click here to watch
2014 SPARKS NEW TEACHER RETREAT THE CTA SPARKS / New Teacher Retreat took place on October 3rd and 4th at the Duncan Conference Center in Delray Beach. 20 new teachers who are CTA members spent Friday and Saturday learning about Classroom Management, ESE strategies, and the new Marzano Evaluation. 
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We Never Give Up on our Kids When it comes to fighting for our kids, we never hold back and we never give up. Voters know what we know—when families do better, kids do better. On this fundamental lesson, the public is on our side. A message from Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association. (Click here to watch the video)
Representative Assembly The representative assembly will be held in the main hall at the CTA office (715 Spencer Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33409) on Tuesday December 2 at 4:45 PM. All members are welcome to join us.
CTA Member Committees Serving on a committee is one way to become more involved in the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association. CTA has 10 committee groups that allow any member to become more active at their local. If you are interested in joining a CTA member committe, email the chair or staff person today!
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