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CTA President Kathi Gundlach - School Board Talks

FEA Vice President Fed Ingram Speaks at the "Enough is Enough" Rally

"Let's put an end to toxic testing"

FEA President Joanne McCall Speaks at the Enough is Enough Rally

FEA Secretary-Treasurer Luke Flynt Speaks at the "Enough is Enough" Rally

CTA News - September, 2016

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  • "Teachers have always been collaborative."  CTA President Kathi Gundlach speaks about Dr. Avossa's rescinding of the administrative mandate for professional learning communities, which were due to be imposed rather than collectively bargained.  August 17, 2016.  Click here to view.


  • Teachers and CTA members speak to the School Board about mandated PLCs, which Superintendent Dr. Avossa at first unilaterally mandated, without collective bargaining, then rescinded.




  • Gordan Longhofer, teacher and CTA Board of Director, speaks on behalf of Kathi Gundlach at the School Board of Palm Beach County, FL. Teachers should not be a secondary priority in the District's budget. July 20, 2016.Click here to view


  • CTA President Dr. Kathi Gundlach speaks to the School Board about the putting teachers first in next year's budget considerations. Click here to view.


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    Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association is to obtain, advance, and protect the professional, economic, human and civil rights of members, advance professional standards, and act as a catalyst for quality public education. 


    Vision Statement 

    The Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association is a professional members' service organization committed to the empowerment of teachers and to the advancement of quality public education.

    CTA Objectives:

    Increase membership by recruiting, retaining and supporting teachers  Improve communications with and involvement of teachers  Maximize political power and influence


    CTA had seven full time Labor Relations Consultants who represent members at all worksite hearings, all grievances, and all meetings with district administrators The services of 25 Educational and Labor Employment Attorneys at the local and state level with years of experience dealing with school personnel and problems that might develop Legal Services for members of CTA: employment related disputes, $1,000,000 liability policy, Advice and legal representation by lawyers trained in education and labor law. CTA has 50 criminal lawyers ready to defend its members. Each member has $40,000 in attorney fees for defense of criminal employment-related charges Access to state and national attorney referral program
      Professional Development Opportunities & Teacher Support

    CTA offers workshops to help you become a fully certified teacher. Free workshops for members are offered: How to Pass the General Knowledge Test, the Florida Teaching Certification Exam, and the Elementary Certification Test. Each workshop is FREE to members but is available to non-members for $150.00.

    CTA offers teachers help to become more successful. Free workshops for members are offered: How to Have a Successful Evaluation, Good Classroom Management Strategies, Behavior Management, Teacher Rights and Responsibilities, Effective Planning and Grading, IDEA Update, and Know Your Contract. Each workshop is FREE to members but is available to non-members for $50.00.

    Training is offered to make you a more valuable teacher like: EBC training, ER and D training and IPDP training

    CTA offers assistance to teachers who request help. The PAR panels are peer teachers who assist teachers to become better teachers.